Progress of the canoe painting….

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I started a canoe painting a few weeks ago.  This piece has many layers.  This afternoon I had time to add three more layers of papers and paint.  The canoe painting is an art piece I’ve wanted to create for so long.  Being able to finally see it starting to appear on the canvas is so rewarding to me.  At the same time I’m a bit intimidated by the challenge of completing the piece.   Each layer brings that old fear into my mind,  can I do it?  One step at a time, one layer at a time, be mindful and pull away when I am not focused.  To be continued…


Finished the second of my 2013 Snowman Collection.  My more playful side coming out in this piece.  Loving life today!  These pieces I hope to place in the two local galleries for the upcoming holiday season.  Off to the studio to continue creating!  Have a great day and thanks for visiting my blog!Copy Weee