2016 and I’m ready!

The end of the year always brings reflection.  And, thoughts of my plans for the next 365 days.  No pressure, right!   I’ve always been a goal oriented, crazy girl.  Most of that crazed energy in 2016 will be focused on art.  The two pieces in the photo are the final works I sold in 2015.  The painting on the left, Bonnie, my mule, was purchased with the intent that I paint a companion piece of the buyers gelding.  Commission pieces are a bit challenging but going into this proposal I had no doubts.  I did not want the pieces to look similar but rather just compliment each other.  They will be hanging in the buyers home together.  The couple that purchased the pieces have rewarded me, they are happy with the finished works.

When I took on this commission my thoughts immediately went to a key word in my life lately, vulnerability.  Having learned through the fabulous Brene Brown about being vulnerable, it fit into this scenario perfectly.  I truly was feeling vulnerable but oh so ready for it!  Bring it on world!!

I think 2016 will be full of vulnerable moments for me.  By that, I mean, taking on situations that I may have passed over previously out of fear.  That is one big, nasty word, fear.  Stepping on new ground this February as I begin the Montana Artrepreneur Program provided my the Montana Arts Council.  A program to provide knowledge to artists in the business side of art.  As well as encouraging artist to take their careers to the next level of professionalism.  This program will give me so many opportunities I can’t tell you how excited I am to be accepted.  Loads of work but so well worth it.  Time for fear to be stomped out and move ahead.

What will be your word for 2016?  Whatever you do in 2016 I wish you much success.  No matter what, even the smallest successes in our lives are important.  They are stepping stones to something bigger and better.  It takes time to see those goals achieved.  And, the journey along the way holds so many experiences, be grateful for each step.