I opened my e-mail this morning and read a post that discussed observation.  That really resonated with my heart today.  This photo is one of several little collections of shells and various “memories” I’ve placed in jars.  Three are full of shells from my visits to various coastlines here in the states and others are items I’ve found on walks while traveling.  One collection dish I have in my studio is full of items my children or grandchildren have given me, all reminders of a time we shared or a small gift they lovingly gave me.

Years ago I stopped making photo albums and scrapbooks.  Recently, visiting with a friend about a trip, I came home and dug out my scrapbook of that particular trip taken 18 years ago.  I’d written notes by all the photos, most of which I would not have remembered today.  The word, observation, this morning made me think about memories and how we go about preserving  them.   Observation and memories connect somehow for me. Possibly because as an artist I see a subject, place it in my memory and later seek inspiration from that observation to create.  It is important to have memories for me.  Even the not so wonderful memories have a meaning, a lesson, a way of changing our lives.  I’m sad that I no longer have the time to scrapbook but in today’s world of digital photography it is so easy to let go of that form of preservation.  Times have changed and our observation of our world has changed as well.


Gift yourself in life…

Recently my daughter, sister and I roamed the beautiful landscape of southern Utah.  I love, love to explore our national parks and experience different landscapes across our country.   We spent five days viewing the beauty of Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell…amazing beauty to see and photograph.  I so love the red color of the soil in these areas, so different from home.  The desert draws you in with its sculpted rock formations and amazing colors threaded through the landscape.  Each day a different perspective of beauty carved out over years and years at the hands of mother nature.  I think that is one of the miracles I see when I visit, it is not manmade but natural, natures best. 

Travel is a gift I cherish.  It inspires my art and gives me time to unwind from the stressors of living in today’s world.  I’m not complaining one bit about any of my life but giving myself the gift of filling my brain with beauty cannot be taken lightly.  Sometimes I get stuck and need a new perspective.  When I do get the chance to travel I try really hard not to buy into the souvenir trappings, all those little mugs, magnets, t-shirts, etc.  My heart just is not into it but what I do seek is something that I can gift myself that will remind me of my memories of that trip.   We stopped at this huge western shop full of souvenir gems as well as what I like to call the “real deal”.  We all purchased Minnetoka moccasins…gosh it has been years since I owned a pair of these and look at that color!  One of my favorite colors  used in my art over and over…I’m going to treasure these moccasins for years. 

Don’t forget to gift yourself in life.  The gift of splendor and beauty as you witness a sunset on the beach.  Or, a hike in the mountains to a pristine lake surrounded by aspens in the fall.   We all deserve to stop and rest our eyes on the beauty mother nature has provided.  And if you find just the right gem, well, why not gift yourself that too…you deserve it, life is too short not to walk in comfortable turquoise moccasins!  DSCN1151

April First!

I am so happy that it is finally April.  This gives me hope that spring will be here soon.  We broke the record for snow fall here and it is truly getting old.  Believe it or not we still have snow on the ground.  My tulips are popping up and the neighborhood ducks are nesting!!   This photo, taken in Sun Valley last June, is beautiful of this field full of wild poppies.  I’ll begin posting my art again soon.  It’s been like a whirlwind this last month as I am preparing for an art reception the end of April.

Happy Spring Everyone!copyApril

Granddog advice


I’ve been gone for a few days visiting my oldest daughter.  My younger daughter accompanied me and we enjoyed a bit of a reunion to begin the New Year.  Ginger is a wonderful one-year old bloodhound that we all adore.  This picture of the morning we left, I love.  It’s as if Ginger seems genuinely interested in telling me something.  My daughter lives in the country with acres for Ginger to roam.  That morning she dragged something into the yard and was so proud of her trophy.  We never could figure out what exactly it was!  I will be back in the studio soon but having time with my two daughters gave me a much-needed uplifting boost to start-up a new year of creative art.  And, Ginger, well she always gives us those warm doggie licks and unconditional love!