Today we drove to the country-side.  These beautiful horses sauntered immediately towards me.  It is a wonderful, crisp, fall day.  On our return drive my mind wandered in many directions but one thought kept poking my brain.  It’s time to change my blog!  And darn, if it doesn’t feel good.  This past year has been a continual journey of fortunate events.  So, many, many wishes coming full circle for me.  I’ve never been an idle personality but at points in my life I’ve simply allowed it to unfold, not challenging myself.  This past year the support I’ve felt from family and friends have given me that extra push I’ve needed.  How grateful I am for that. And yes, when it all comes down to it, well, we do have to do it on our own.  No one else is going to paint those canvases for me!  But, when you have support, well, let’s just say it is simply uplifting.  The boost one needs when the wave of confidence has disappeared.  Those who have followed my blog are as important, a thrill to open my blog and see “like” in the white empty space!  Thank you family, friends and followers!!  As we drove back into our city we could not resist a stop to enjoy a sweet ice cream cone.  Life is good!