Welcoming door

This photo is a favorite of mine from a recent trip to Santa Fe.  I gravitate toward vibrant colors so this welcoming door caught my eye right away.  It was a luxury to have been able to spend time in this beautiful area.  The photo was taken at Taos Pueblo.  It is considered to be the oldest continuously inhabited community of its kind in our country.  The native language is Tiwa which is unwritten and unrecorded.  There is no electricity and no running water within the village.  Within the walls of the pueblo the traditional cultural beliefs are nurtured and outside beliefs do not apply. Our guide was a beautiful young women who has lived off and on in the community.  She definitely honored her people with her presentation of their culture and way of life.  We were allowed to walk throughout the village after our tour.  Several artists presented their work within the small adobe homes.  Many had fires burning, which was welcoming as this day was a bit cool.  Their pride of workmanship was evident as we visited several homes.   The structures are believed to be well over 1000 years old.  Having an interest in history as well as art I found this day trip from Santa Fe well worth the drive.