Zen Snowman

Today I finished my last commissioned piece for the holiday season.  Knowing not to put added pressure on myself, I like to have time before the Christmas holiday to enjoy the season.  This is a special time of the year and needs to be enjoyed!  This afternoon I let my mind rest and did this little zentangle snowman.  It felt good to just doodle and not have any expectations as to the outcome.  He seems happy with all that design on his body and the little bird hanging out on his arm!  We’ve had the worst chill since 1997 here in Montana so I had to add Winter Chill on the snowman’s  bottom!!  I doubt he would even notice the cold!!

Find time in the hustle and bustle of the season for some quiet time….copy winter chill

Snowing Men Here!

My third snowman for my winter collection.  I’m trying to put together some pieces for a show the weekend of October 19th.  A first for this particular venue so hoping for loads of traffic coming through!  No words placed on this snowmancopy yellow bird but that may change if suddenly that light bulb goes off in my head.  He seems happy with that bird on his head and a package waiting in the mail box!  Maybe no words are needed!  What do you think?


Finished the second of my 2013 Snowman Collection.  My more playful side coming out in this piece.  Loving life today!  These pieces I hope to place in the two local galleries for the upcoming holiday season.  Off to the studio to continue creating!  Have a great day and thanks for visiting my blog!Copy Weee

Holiday Collection

copy fall snowThat time is nearing, the holidays!  I am beginning to work on my snowman collection.  I will be placing most of these pieces in the two galleries that represent my work locally.  Hoping for an opportunity to place some of my pieces in another shop outside of my home city.  I am working on some pieces to submit for review.  Keeping my fingers crossed that they will like my work.  Another venue for people to see my art.  It’s a constant effort putting myself out there but so worth it.  I will be posting more of my snowman collection as I finish the pieces.  Have a great day everyone!

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Prep Day in the Studio

Preparation for my upcoming workshop on Saturday.  Seven students have signed up which pleases me as eight was my limit.  The sweet little grey pencil bag is a recent gift from my daughter.  She is tweaking her sewing skills!  Hoping there will be more surprises ahead as she practices new bag designs!

Will post some pictures of my workshop soon.  I’ve worked and have not had much time in the last several days in the studio so Saturday’s workshop will bring some fun, creative spirit to my world.

Spread your wings.  Allow your creative spirit to soar.

Winter Workshop

Star Bright ~ Star Light ~ Snowman.

This is my next piece for the winter workshop at Bailiwick Gallery.  Monica, the owner, asked me to present a workshop in November.  She left the subject up to me so I felt a winter snowman would fit well with our snow filled winter days.  A bit festive.

Having just completed the piece, I will be visiting with Monica soon to set up the date.

Click the image for a closer look.

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Holidays are just around the corner everyone!