Final Day-Skirt Challenge

Final Day of the Seven Day Skirt Challenge.

My final day with the skirts.  There is something to be said about any challenge.  Something to learn from every goal we achieve.  I did learn I actually have eight skirts to draw from if the need is presented.  Seeing this makes me happy and realize I don’t need to spend my time shopping for clothes!  Small blessings…this gives me more time to do the fun and creative endeavors I so enjoy.  Come to think of it, I truly wasn’t worried about that anyway!!

Thank you everyone for following the skirt challenge…it was fun…give it a twirl!

Day Three-Skirt Challenge

Day Three of the Seven Day Skirt Challenge.

Getting ready for my art workshop tomorrow.  It’ll reach about 100 degrees here today so I was out and about this morning early in my skirt shopping for supplies.

I’m so excited about my workshop tomorrow…will post some pictures soon.

Keep it cool my friends…wear a skirt today!

Day Two-Skirt Challenge

Day Two of the Seven Day Skirt Challenge!

Meeting with Sharon this morning to work on plans for the gift bags for Casting for Recovery’s retreat in August.

If you’d like more information on CFR go to their website at  It is an awesome program and we’re so happy to be organizing our fifth retreat for breast cancer survivors!

My daughter will appreciate my choice of skirt today as it’s a hand-me-down from her closet to mine!!  She does have some fun clothes in her closet!  Thanks dear daughter for helping out with my skirt challenge.  Today is going to be in the high 90’s hot hot!