My Morning!

IMG_1970It sometimes amazes me how difficult it is to get the result you want, especially when you think you know what you are doing.  I spent two hours this morning trying to get a new profile photo for my Facebook art page.  Good grief!  Every shot had some little minor detail that I did not like.  Finally, I had to crop the top of this photo out so it looked straight.  Maybe the canvas was always crooked!  Needless to say I felt like I wasted so much time but in the end, guess it is okay.  What else would I have done during that time…it’s a Monday here in the studio!  After all of that the photo did not come out clear but I’m sticking with it!

The cow appears bored with it all!

Behold the amazing pomegranate

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You only get one chance to photograph fruit before your husband eats it!!  I’ve wanted to paint some smaller pieces with fruit as the subject.  The pear painting I created a year ago was one of the first to sell in the gallery.   Maybe a pomegranate is in the future!