Another new portrait…

copydreamgirlWorking on some new portraits and so, so enjoying the process.  This piece has so many layers, but loved it all.  I am still working on some of the elements of the face and shadowing but pleased with this piece.  I have not decided a title for her.  Hoping to submit this piece as well as a few others to a new gallery for an exhibit in 2015.

Thank you for stopping by my blog!


IMG_0739 These two pieces are from the commission work I just finished.  I created the nest from scraps of thread.  My daughter, who is a fiber artist and designs a line of bags was home recently and used my studio.  She left this little “nest” of threads on my art table…with love for me to recycle and use in my art.  So, I titled that little piece “Gratefulnest”…she is always thinking of her mom!

A New Happy Hanger

IMG_0210I started creating these little Happy Hangers several months ago.   The gallery asked me to create a few to sell and today I completed this one.  I have two more in the making as well. The words…”Embellish life…it makes it so much sweeter” finally came to me as the cupcake has a layer of sparkle of gold!  It’s hard to see it in the photo.

Hoping you take time to treat yourself to something special!