Love the Poodle!

Just completed and delivered a commissioned piece from an amazing funky era… love all that 50’s style!!  For this piece, the poodle skirt was the important focus as well as the music.  I was young during that time but remember all that music on those old phonographs played over and over.  I, too, fell in love with the King and still listen to his music.  No one could sing a gospel song like Elvis Presley!  I loved creating this piece and when my friend opened it I saw the joy in her face and it made my heart sing…she loved it as well.  It cannot get any better than knowing your art is finding a joyful home and what you created for someone appreciated.  Thanks Linda!!copy Poodle

Flying into 2013

IMG_5598This sweet little feathered friend completed this afternoon.  Working towards getting a collection together of small pieces for future sales.  These will be on  the 6 x 6  canvas with thicker 1 inch sides.  Since I’ve setup my Facebook page my art has received a bit more interest.  Would be a dream to have more sales in 2013!   In August I placed several pieces in the little gallery, six have sold.  Feel good about that but know that I need some improvement on my creative side and much improvement on the business side.  It’s overwhelming at times, so thankful that I don’t feel the need to rush anything!  I admire those who have bravely placed their art on Etsy.  One day hopefully!!

Thank you for visiting my blog.  Have a joyfully creative day!