I opened my e-mail this morning and read a post that discussed observation.  That really resonated with my heart today.  This photo is one of several little collections of shells and various “memories” I’ve placed in jars.  Three are full of shells from my visits to various coastlines here in the states and others are items I’ve found on walks while traveling.  One collection dish I have in my studio is full of items my children or grandchildren have given me, all reminders of a time we shared or a small gift they lovingly gave me.

Years ago I stopped making photo albums and scrapbooks.  Recently, visiting with a friend about a trip, I came home and dug out my scrapbook of that particular trip taken 18 years ago.  I’d written notes by all the photos, most of which I would not have remembered today.  The word, observation, this morning made me think about memories and how we go about preserving  them.   Observation and memories connect somehow for me. Possibly because as an artist I see a subject, place it in my memory and later seek inspiration from that observation to create.  It is important to have memories for me.  Even the not so wonderful memories have a meaning, a lesson, a way of changing our lives.  I’m sad that I no longer have the time to scrapbook but in today’s world of digital photography it is so easy to let go of that form of preservation.  Times have changed and our observation of our world has changed as well.


Hound Doggie

copy bassett Just delivered this adorable Bassett Hound commissioned piece.  A tribute to a sweet Bassett that passed away a few weeks ago.  Creating a piece in memory of  a special pet is always an honor for me.  Having a Bassett Hound in our home while our girls were growing up made this piece especially heartwarming.  I am such an advocate for rescue of animals and believe each person that takes an animal into their home to love has their heart in the right place.  Dogs are so comforting, giving and just plain fun to hang out with!!  Their unconditional love for humans is amazing!  Thank you so much dear friend, D. for asking me to create this piece.  Hoping it will bring comfort to your friend and wonderful memories of her special little Bassett!

Thanks for visiting my blog!  Give your dog a hug today!!

Childhood Memories

This little sketch done with watercolour pencils, pen, acrylics is a special piece representing my childhood home.  The border and words are from a magazine that was in my parents vintage collection.  I use these magazines sparingly as they date back to the early 1900’s.  Both my parents are gone so this piece will stay in my private collection.

How does your art reflect your childhood?

Thanks for visiting my blog today!copy childhood

Studio Time

IMG_5559A new year, a new feel in the studio.

This wonderful mantle has been in our family for years.  I received the honor of having it in my home when my mother passed away.  Placing it in my studio gives me creative inspiration and, well, a great place to display some of my art!  It’s a daily reminder of my mom who continually supported my efforts.  I keep her close to my heart with wonderful memories.   She consistently requested The Green Green Grass of Home when I would play the piano for her.  When I was thinking about a name for my blog to represent my art, well, I didn’t have to think terribly long as Green Grass Art popped into my mind almost immediately.  It’s been a bit over a year since I began this journey with my blog.  Many wonderful events have happened.  I feel so blessed and I know me-mom is smiling!

Wishing all of you a creative and uplifting year of 2013.


Little Sis

My sister never looks at my blog and she is not on Facebook…

this is for her birthday in August!

I had so much fun doing this piece, could not wait to show it off, the finish is barely dry!

 Feeling a bit guilty as my sister will probably decide to check my blog!

 No surprise party for her 🙂

Memory Box

One of my sweet finds, a wooden box that needed some fun expression added to its exterior!

Used paper for the first layer to establish my spaces for my “expressions”.  It was fun to add elements and watch the Memory Box unfold.  Not sure how I’ll use it.  I like some elements and others I would change but am happy with the overall finished piece.

Click to enlarge for details.

Beach Beauty

Just returned from a ten-day trip to the west coast visiting my wonderful daughter.  Having my little sister tagging along with me was a joy!

While there I squeezed in a few hours to do this mixed-media piece representing beach beauty.

Used photo transfer, vintage pattern tissue, acrylic paints, papers, words from a recycled book page…and a few other fun materials.

This trip we drove so I was fortunate to have picked up some fun vintage items while exploring the fantastic secondhand shops in the Portland area.

Ready to start some fun projects!