Preserving the Joy of Life

This little sketch is from my art journal.  When I travel I take my art journal and a few sets of colored pencils…minimizing packing art supplies is not easy!  The words on this piece “preserve what you love in life” does have a special meaning.  I’m presently visiting my younger daughter (my hubby is home supervising a bathroom remodel while I have fun…he is a great guy!) and taking care of her little doggie while she travels for a few days.  My older daughter is further away.  We visit and text a lot but we only see one another a few times a year.  The last couple times we’ve visited she has canned pears, apples, you name it, she loves all that domestic “stuff”.  So, today my thoughts were with her and I pictured the mason jars she is filling with the future bounty they will enjoy! 

Keep all those special memories preserved close to your heart!copy Mason

Possible Workshop

IMG_6096Needed a journal for my business notes and decided to explore the artist side of journals  again.  I’ve created journals for friends in the past for gifts but never for myself.  This little owl hopefully will bring some wisdom when needed!  It definitely was a fun project.  I’m considering it as a workshop for April or May!

Have a wise and wonderful day everyone!

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