First Art Journal Class!


First Art Journal Class – October Page

This was so exciting for me as teaching is something I enjoy so very much.  Sharing my passion for art is important to me.  My first art journaling class simply unfolded without a glitch.  These six women were so creative and energized.  Their enthusiasm was very comforting to me!!  One of my students decided the group needed a name so she suggested Little Sprouts since my art page is Green Grass Art.  Everyone loved the idea.   So Little Sprouts is my art journaling groups name and I am so thrilled!  We will be meeting once a month as this class will be ongoing.  Two of the Little Sprouts were not able to attend so next month the group will be eight!  Oh, I can hardly wait!

DSCN4585 DSCN4583 DSCN4580

Getting so close to my #50 page!!

Four more art journal pages from my summer challenge.

The little yellow song bird is my #41 page so I am inching my way to 50!!

The challenge has been extremely rewarding.

Surprisingly, not stressful at all,  who knew!!  I’m guessing the journaling will be an ongoing creative project.  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at the pages!