Finished Bigger!

Completed my Cityscape and photographed it outside this morning.  I like photographing my art outside because the light is so much better.  Feels good to have this bigger piece finished.  It’s hanging presently in my dining room as I just wanted to look at it for a bit, decided to probably sell it.  I’ve purchased some larger canvases and boards to continue creating on larger surfaces.

Have a great Sunday everyone and thanks for visiting my blog!



This piece is larger than I’ve worked on in the past.  I’m feeling a need to push myself towards a larger space to fill.  This piece is in the finishing stages but has a bit more detail to give it the appearance I try to create in my art.  My last post was of a house as well.  Wondering if this has anything to do with the fact that I’ve been stuck inside for the last couple weeks because of the heat!  Must be summer cabin fever!!

Thanks for visiting my blog everyone!  Have a great Friday and stay cool!IMG_0774