Six Hearts

IMG_6407This piece I have titled Six Hearts.  This canvas I had done about two years ago and it truly needed a facelift!  I covered it with black acrylic paint and started over.  I was not truly in love with it but it is growing on me.  If you click on the photo you can enlarge the image to read the words.

I am still working on the dress collection and have finished two more paintings.  I needed a break from painting the dresses so created the six hearts.

Thanks for visiting my blog everyone!  Hope your heart is filled with joy today!

Dress Two

IMG_6298Second mixed-media painting of the dress collection.  This is on a 6X6″ gallery wrapped canvas with finished sides.  I made a silver wire flower, adding that to the sweetheart neckline.  Added a row of beads to the waist.  I’m finding myself wanting to paint on the larger canvas after finishing dress one on the 14×14″ canvas.  Tomorrow maybe a day for canvas shopping!

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I’m starting a series of seven mixed-media paintings. This first painting is on a 14 X 14″ gallery wrapped canvas.  All of the pieces will be about dresses.  I’m trying  some new elements, the wire hanger and rick rack are two I’ve placed in this piece. I’ve also written a poem for this piece titled The Dress. This first painting I wanted to share a brief part of the process with a slide show. I trying to stretch myself and explore a bit.

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First of my dress collection!

Open House Art

These two mini canvas art pieces will go to the gallery for the upcoming Holiday Open House.

One is a Christmas theme while the other is a romantic heart theme.  These mini canvas  pieces are one of my favorite projects as they do not consume a huge amount of time to complete.

 A cute little gift that is an original piece of art!

click image to enlarge for detail…thanks for visiting my blog!

Heart Replacement

A rather exciting day for me.  I sold my other heart art piece last week.

This piece, I just completed to take over to the gallery to replace the one I sold.

In some ways I didn’t feel this piece was as worthy as the first one.  Not sure if having to repeat a theme is as rewarding as that first time when it is fresh and new.  Maybe it’s just not as challenging…not sure.  But, the more a view this piece the more I do like it.  Part of me believes I felt pressured to complete another piece and rushed the process.

Remember to slow down and breathe.

Commissioned Mixed-Media

This piece was a commissioned work for a friend.  She is speaking at a women’s retreat and will be using the art as a prop during her final summary at the workshop.  She gave me two words “hole” and “whole”, then flashed me a beautiful smile and told me to create!  I have to say…that is a true friend.  I thank her for believing in me and giving me the freedom to create without restrictions.

Sharon you are a blessing in my life!

Heart Art

One of the six pieces I’ve been working on the last couple months.  Hoping to find a venue close by to take the collection to sell.  Five of the pieces are the small, thicker sided canvases which do not need framing.  I enjoy finishing the sides as it allows me to expand the art outside of just the front of the canvas.  This piece I wrapped the words around the side.

Little Sis

My sister never looks at my blog and she is not on Facebook…

this is for her birthday in August!

I had so much fun doing this piece, could not wait to show it off, the finish is barely dry!

 Feeling a bit guilty as my sister will probably decide to check my blog!

 No surprise party for her 🙂