Angel Commission

This piece is one of three commissioned works I just completed and delivered.  The Angel in particular is special to the buyer.  It was a piece that I felt deeply about as all the elements she wanted in the piece just flowed together…it is comforting to me when the piece is so well received as the buyer became emotional when she opened it.  This is one of many reasons I do art.  When a buyer loves the piece it makes my world rock!!IMG_0735

Granddog advice


I’ve been gone for a few days visiting my oldest daughter.  My younger daughter accompanied me and we enjoyed a bit of a reunion to begin the New Year.  Ginger is a wonderful one-year old bloodhound that we all adore.  This picture of the morning we left, I love.  It’s as if Ginger seems genuinely interested in telling me something.  My daughter lives in the country with acres for Ginger to roam.  That morning she dragged something into the yard and was so proud of her trophy.  We never could figure out what exactly it was!  I will be back in the studio soon but having time with my two daughters gave me a much-needed uplifting boost to start-up a new year of creative art.  And, Ginger, well she always gives us those warm doggie licks and unconditional love!

Stacking Up!

Taking time, eyes closed, breathing it all in.

No posts for a bit but hoping to get back to the studio soon.  I’ve taken a part-time job. Needed to help fund some future art classes!

My six art pieces I finished over the summer are in the little gallery near my home.  Hope in my heart.

Our daughter is relocating back to our home state after ten years away. We are thrilled beyond words to have her closer. So, preparing to help her make the move.

It’s a time in my life of great happiness and overload…finding the balance!