Stop and smell the roses

As often as possible, I squeeze in some quiet time in the morning with my coffee in my garden.  Living in a townhouse, my garden area is small.  I’d wished so many times to have my large garden space back from previous homes, missing the feel of dirt, weeding and fragrance from my flowers.  Over time I’ve learned gratitude for this small garden space I now am in charge of caring for.  This mornings coffee in the garden was different.  I took these photos with my phone and then checked my e-mails.  I usually don’t do that as it seems to disrupt my quiet morning ritual but today it may have been what I needed.

I tuned into my e-mails and came across a TED talk with Brene Brown.  A few years back my daughter encouraged me to take Brene’s e-course on The Gifts of Imperfection.  Best gift we ever gave ourselves, thank you daughter!! 

Listening to her talk was like having a little pep talk about life!  I just love her…she is so amazing.  She spoke about vulnerability and how allowing ourselves to feel vulnerable brings rewards to our lives.  It brings perspective gratitude, that was my thought this morning.  Having turned off the news and spent time in my garden this morning, feeling gratitude for this quiet time, this small garden that gives so much….I am thankful. 

My art journey has given me plenty of opportunities to be vulnerable.  I’ve realized this path is where I need to be at this point in my life.  Having numbed myself to so many shameful events in my earlier life, being vulnerable has not been easy.  But, as Brene Brown states, “I am enough”.  I really needed that reminder today as I sat in my garden, coffee and gratitude make a great combination.  I rubbed the leaves of the herbs in my little basket, their scent very refreshing.  It was a small part of this day but a necessary moment for me.  Take time to smell the roses or in my case, the herbs!!IMG_0771 IMG_0775

Got the bug!

My husband is starting to think I have a work related bug with a high fever for art!  He always can find me as I’ve been in my home studio consistently the last few weeks.

This piece is my current project.   An angel in the garden.  I’m trying to make the angel appear a bit transparent.  Will be spending more time on it tomorrow…this bug has to get a little R and R.

Click image to enlarge for detail.