Flora..new girl


This is my latest for my girl collection.  Painted on a wood surface and not a canvas.  It was fun experimenting with something new.  I did her background with various recycled papers.  I am in the process of starting an Etsy shop and will be setting that up this weekend.  Hoping to sell some of my art.  I feel like I’ve neglected my blog for several weeks, need to start posting again!  I’ve been busy with getting art finished for my Etsy shop and have posted some on my Facebook page.  I will be trying to link all my sites together…I’m not the best when it comes to the internet but my daughter will be helping me…we are calling it the Etsy Party Weekend!!  Have a great day everyone!!

Her words…nurturing your own spirit

Changed My Mind

IMG_5449Just had to put some color back into this piece.  I sanded back to the first layer of the tulip blossoms, which was a bit brighter.  Added a few more shades of green and some detail to the tulips.  Feels better as I just was not completely satisfied with the first attempt.

New Colors

IMG_5431A few days ago I decided to  start the new year off by gifting myself some new paint colors. This piece reflects those new subdued colors.  I’m struggling with liking the toned down color of this piece.  My personality leans more towards being an introvert but my clothing choices have always been splashed with color, my home is full of bold color and my art studio walls are a yummy yellow!  I may have to reconsider this new phase of color.  Seems we all gravitate towards what is in our hearts and mine is a kaleidoscope of  bright color!

The quote is from Maya Angelou, a favorite of mine.

Live life as if it were created just for you.

Veil of Peacefulness

A veil of peacefulness has entered my art studio in the last two days.  I’ve been able to conquer the fear, chase it away and complete my still life painting.  It feels so wonderful to sit back and view the still life.  This challenge behind me I may have to celebrate with a nice glass of wine, sit in the studio and simply enjoy!

This is the quote in the painting:

Choice of attention – to pay attention to this and ignore that – is to the inner life what choices of action is to the outer.  In both cases, a man is responsible for his choice and must accept the consequences.      – W. H. Auden –

Have a wonderful, peaceful day!

Got the bug!

My husband is starting to think I have a work related bug with a high fever for art!  He always can find me as I’ve been in my home studio consistently the last few weeks.

This piece is my current project.   An angel in the garden.  I’m trying to make the angel appear a bit transparent.  Will be spending more time on it tomorrow…this bug has to get a little R and R.

Click image to enlarge for detail.