Dog Tails

Sometimes it is fun to break away from the canvas and create a little something for a sweet person and their doggie!!  My daughter has the most adorable mini dachshund who has won our hearts over and over!  His name is Finni and he loves his squeaky toys.  I cannot  resist giving him a new squeaky toy when I visit.  A few weeks ago Pickles ran a series of comic strips in our newspaper about Roscoe and his squeaky toy.  I laughed every morning, then decided to make my daughter a mini book titled Dog Tails.  A fun project!  Our dogs give us so much joy, they truly are part of our family.  Always giving unconditionally!

Thanks for visiting and enjoy Roscoe’s story!

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Hound Doggie

copy bassett Just delivered this adorable Bassett Hound commissioned piece.  A tribute to a sweet Bassett that passed away a few weeks ago.  Creating a piece in memory of  a special pet is always an honor for me.  Having a Bassett Hound in our home while our girls were growing up made this piece especially heartwarming.  I am such an advocate for rescue of animals and believe each person that takes an animal into their home to love has their heart in the right place.  Dogs are so comforting, giving and just plain fun to hang out with!!  Their unconditional love for humans is amazing!  Thank you so much dear friend, D. for asking me to create this piece.  Hoping it will bring comfort to your friend and wonderful memories of her special little Bassett!

Thanks for visiting my blog!  Give your dog a hug today!!

Dog Days of Summer

This is a mixed-media piece finished today…in the hot dog days of summer.

This little pup is my “happy dirty dog”.   Most dogs are happy when they are dirty.  I have a little sweet granddog that loves to find that dirty, smelly, piece of whatever to roll in!  He is such a flirty little guy and so the polka dots are perfect.

My little granddog is a rescue dog.   I believe that we should all protect the rights of those who cannot speak for themselves…adopting a rescue dog is a forever gift to you and the pet you rescue.