Dog Tails

Sometimes it is fun to break away from the canvas and create a little something for a sweet person and their doggie!!  My daughter has the most adorable mini dachshund who has won our hearts over and over!  His name is Finni and he loves his squeaky toys.  I cannot  resist giving him a new squeaky toy when I visit.  A few weeks ago Pickles ran a series of comic strips in our newspaper about Roscoe and his squeaky toy.  I laughed every morning, then decided to make my daughter a mini book titled Dog Tails.  A fun project!  Our dogs give us so much joy, they truly are part of our family.  Always giving unconditionally!

Thanks for visiting and enjoy Roscoe’s story!

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Fall Colors

Setting out this afternoon for a drive with my daughter hoping for some brilliant fall colors to photograph.  This one particular photo just stood out, not just for the beautiful colors but I love how the little tree on the right is leaning over as if to say Pick Me, Pick Me!   Autumn is my favorite season.  Here in Montana this fall has given us the blessing of beautiful color.  As we were driving along the curves of this country road we kept saying “wow, that is awesome”, around each corner!  Hope everyone is enjoying a fall to remember…don’t forget to take some photos for later when the snow flies!!


Buttons and Tweed

This painting I just finished last week and gifted it to my wonderfully talented daughter.  She launched her handmade specialty bag business in 2013 called Buttons and Tweed.  The bag business along with everything else happening in her life; moving closer to us (which we love!), she started a new position in her career and just purchased a new condo!  The painting is for her home studio.  We are so very proud of all she has accomplished in the last nine months.copy tweed        Please visit her Buttons and Tweed blog and her facebook as well.  Her bags are presently represented in a local gallery as well as her nearly ready to go Etsy Shop.  Can you tell I’m pleased with it all…love her!

Spring Photography

Out walking on this beautiful spring day with my daughter and her little doggie…happen to come across some wonderful iris to add to my floral photography for spring.  Hope everyone is enjoying the beauty of spring as it renews and refreshes the soul.IMG_0235 IMG_0234 IMG_0233 IMG_0232

New Art in the Studio

This beautiful mosaic is a new collection my daughter is putting together.  She is a mosaic artist.  She recently made the decision to relocate back to our home state.   A wonderful gift, as having her share my art studio brings a new level of inspiration into my world!  She lived out of state for ten years so having her closer to our family is truly our Thanksgiving blessing this year.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday filled with joy!

Stacking Up!

Taking time, eyes closed, breathing it all in.

No posts for a bit but hoping to get back to the studio soon.  I’ve taken a part-time job. Needed to help fund some future art classes!

My six art pieces I finished over the summer are in the little gallery near my home.  Hope in my heart.

Our daughter is relocating back to our home state after ten years away. We are thrilled beyond words to have her closer. So, preparing to help her make the move.

It’s a time in my life of great happiness and overload…finding the balance!