Dessert Time!


I had this background canvas completed for’s been staring at me!  I had covered the bright colors with a dark glaze…it reminded me of chocolate today.  Must have been craving chocolate.  Decided to do a cupcake painting so I added the papers, acrylic paints with some accents and words…”finding two good reasons to do something…chocolate and chocolate”.   Trying to decide if I’d like to keep it for a birthday gift or sell it in the gallery or my etsy shop.

Have a sweet day and eat some chocolate for no reason whatsoever but just to enjoy!!

Cupcake Workshop ~ Day One

“Life’s a sweet treat”  Mixed-Media  Workshop ~ Day One

My first day of the workshop.  Four fun and expressive students who created beautiful pieces of art.  They are wishing for more soon so I imagine my thinking cap is about to be pulled from its closet.  Workshops always bring my heart joy as I see a new passion opening up for someone.

These students were all so fun and truly made masterpieces of their own!

A fun, fun day…if there are smiles at the end it makes me happy!

Click images for a closer look!

Cupcake Workshop

“Life’s a sweet treat”  Mixed-Media  Workshop ~ Day Two

This was a Mixed-Media workshop done on canvas.  I split the class into two groups as my studio just isn’t equipped for more than 4 to 5 students per workshop.  These gals inspired me to want to do more with this particular technique.  It was such a fun, uplifting workshop.

Thank you gals for attending my workshop and creating such beautiful, yummy works of art…you are all masters in my eyes!

Betty, the purple headline is for you!!

Click image for a closer look!