Fall Colors

Setting out this afternoon for a drive with my daughter hoping for some brilliant fall colors to photograph.  This one particular photo just stood out, not just for the beautiful colors but I love how the little tree on the right is leaning over as if to say Pick Me, Pick Me!   Autumn is my favorite season.  Here in Montana this fall has given us the blessing of beautiful color.  As we were driving along the curves of this country road we kept saying “wow, that is awesome”, around each corner!  Hope everyone is enjoying a fall to remember…don’t forget to take some photos for later when the snow flies!!


Finished Bigger!

Completed my Cityscape and photographed it outside this morning.  I like photographing my art outside because the light is so much better.  Feels good to have this bigger piece finished.  It’s hanging presently in my dining room as I just wanted to look at it for a bit, decided to probably sell it.  I’ve purchased some larger canvases and boards to continue creating on larger surfaces.

Have a great Sunday everyone and thanks for visiting my blog!


New Colors

IMG_5431A few days ago I decided to  start the new year off by gifting myself some new paint colors. This piece reflects those new subdued colors.  I’m struggling with liking the toned down color of this piece.  My personality leans more towards being an introvert but my clothing choices have always been splashed with color, my home is full of bold color and my art studio walls are a yummy yellow!  I may have to reconsider this new phase of color.  Seems we all gravitate towards what is in our hearts and mine is a kaleidoscope of  bright color!

The quote is from Maya Angelou, a favorite of mine.

Live life as if it were created just for you.