IMG_6104D. Bitty Traveler painting was inspired by a special friend, Diane, who is a member of Sisters on the Fly.  These women have refurbished vintage campers, traveling together, as well as fund-raising for organizations…they do have the best times together!  You can read more about Sisters on the Fly on their website.  They also have a book published about the history of the organization and how it all started.  It even includes yummy recipes.  The Sisters on the Fly helped raise funds for Casting for Recovery, an organization that provides fly fishing retreats for breast cancer survivors.  I volunteer for Casting for Recovery…my first connection with Diane however was through my art!  It’s such a small world…and I love how that common thread somehow finds it way across miles and miles to connect people!  So, this painting truly is a creation from the heart and inspired by a very special lady…thank you Diane!!

D. Bitty Traveler

Day Two-Skirt Challenge

Day Two of the Seven Day Skirt Challenge!

Meeting with Sharon this morning to work on plans for the gift bags for Casting for Recovery’s retreat in August.

If you’d like more information on CFR go to their website at  It is an awesome program and we’re so happy to be organizing our fifth retreat for breast cancer survivors!

My daughter will appreciate my choice of skirt today as it’s a hand-me-down from her closet to mine!!  She does have some fun clothes in her closet!  Thanks dear daughter for helping out with my skirt challenge.  Today is going to be in the high 90’s hot hot!