Commissioned Mixed-Media

This piece was a commissioned work for a friend.  She is speaking at a women’s retreat and will be using the art as a prop during her final summary at the workshop.  She gave me two words “hole” and “whole”, then flashed me a beautiful smile and told me to create!  I have to say…that is a true friend.  I thank her for believing in me and giving me the freedom to create without restrictions.

Sharon you are a blessing in my life!

Final Day-Skirt Challenge

Final Day of the Seven Day Skirt Challenge.

My final day with the skirts.  There is something to be said about any challenge.  Something to learn from every goal we achieve.  I did learn I actually have eight skirts to draw from if the need is presented.  Seeing this makes me happy and realize I don’t need to spend my time shopping for clothes!  Small blessings…this gives me more time to do the fun and creative endeavors I so enjoy.  Come to think of it, I truly wasn’t worried about that anyway!!

Thank you everyone for following the skirt challenge…it was fun…give it a twirl!