I opened my e-mail this morning and read a post that discussed observation.  That really resonated with my heart today.  This photo is one of several little collections of shells and various “memories” I’ve placed in jars.  Three are full of shells from my visits to various coastlines here in the states and others are items I’ve found on walks while traveling.  One collection dish I have in my studio is full of items my children or grandchildren have given me, all reminders of a time we shared or a small gift they lovingly gave me.

Years ago I stopped making photo albums and scrapbooks.  Recently, visiting with a friend about a trip, I came home and dug out my scrapbook of that particular trip taken 18 years ago.  I’d written notes by all the photos, most of which I would not have remembered today.  The word, observation, this morning made me think about memories and how we go about preserving  them.   Observation and memories connect somehow for me. Possibly because as an artist I see a subject, place it in my memory and later seek inspiration from that observation to create.  It is important to have memories for me.  Even the not so wonderful memories have a meaning, a lesson, a way of changing our lives.  I’m sad that I no longer have the time to scrapbook but in today’s world of digital photography it is so easy to let go of that form of preservation.  Times have changed and our observation of our world has changed as well.



IMG_5693Just finished a new painting.  I’ve been working on a 30 ~ piece collection of small works for an event in April.  I submitted three pieces for judging and will find out in February if I am in…hoping!!  The earlier post of the cow is one of the pieces as well.  I’ve spent so much time in the studio and have neglected my blog so I do apologize!  I just learned how to do watermarks.  Although, from everything I’ve read those who want to copy your art still can get around it…what to do 🙂  Thanks for visiting everyone…I’ll be back at it tomorrow.

Beach Beauty

Just returned from a ten-day trip to the west coast visiting my wonderful daughter.  Having my little sister tagging along with me was a joy!

While there I squeezed in a few hours to do this mixed-media piece representing beach beauty.

Used photo transfer, vintage pattern tissue, acrylic paints, papers, words from a recycled book page…and a few other fun materials.

This trip we drove so I was fortunate to have picked up some fun vintage items while exploring the fantastic secondhand shops in the Portland area.

Ready to start some fun projects!