Angel Commission

This piece is one of three commissioned works I just completed and delivered.  The Angel in particular is special to the buyer.  It was a piece that I felt deeply about as all the elements she wanted in the piece just flowed together…it is comforting to me when the piece is so well received as the buyer became emotional when she opened it.  This is one of many reasons I do art.  When a buyer loves the piece it makes my world rock!!IMG_0735

Hearts with Wings

IMG_6425This piece changed my thinking on perfection!!  I used several different textures of paper on the background.  When I began to paint the girl the papers absorbed the acrylics and watercolours, creating some imperfections.  I left it overnight and returned to work it over today.  After looking at it I realized I didn’t want to change it but rather felt like embracing imperfection…which is a stretch sometimes for me!  I’m feeling like my inner self is finally beginning to let go of some of the restrictions I place on myself.

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Back at it in the studio.  I’ve been working on some new pieces the last two days.  Completed this little angel with a heart.  Trying to decide if I should place a quote or title.  I keep looking at her feeling like something just isn’t quite the way I’d like it to appear.  Lately, my expectations seem to have changed as I’m struggling a bit.

Breathing in, I calm my body.

Breathing out, I smile.

Dwelling in the present moment,

I know this is a wonderful moment.

                                                  Thich Nhat Hanh

Angels on Earth

I had written a bit about this piece but for some reason it did not appear in the post.  The internet is always full of surprises and once in a while has a mind of its own.  So, here is a shorter version of what I’d written previously.

This is a manilla envelope I painted for a special friend to hold a gift certificate.

I am blessed to have five beautiful girl friends which we travel together, support one another and have much joy with loads of giggles when we get together.

They are my Angels on Earth.

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Makes my heart smile!