Tomatoes are in my future!!

DSCN3454I do have the smallest garden on earth but this year I will have tomatoes!  They are just popping out.  Love seeing the beautiful little tomatoes form.  I have one potted tomato plant.  One is plenty as they produce a great harvest…hoping in about a month they’ll be ready!  Yummy freshness!

April First!

I am so happy that it is finally April.  This gives me hope that spring will be here soon.  We broke the record for snow fall here and it is truly getting old.  Believe it or not we still have snow on the ground.  My tulips are popping up and the neighborhood ducks are nesting!!   This photo, taken in Sun Valley last June, is beautiful of this field full of wild poppies.  I’ll begin posting my art again soon.  It’s been like a whirlwind this last month as I am preparing for an art reception the end of April.

Happy Spring Everyone!copyApril

Happiest Season of All

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas….and a joyful beginning for 2014.  Please be safe if you are traveling.  Take time to enjoy all the special moments the holiday season offers.  I will be home with my family and taking a few days off from my art.  This is my favorite time of the year.  My husband and I made this beautiful snow-women this afternoon…we do have plenty of snow here!

Blessings to you all…copy snow queen

My Morning!

IMG_1970It sometimes amazes me how difficult it is to get the result you want, especially when you think you know what you are doing.  I spent two hours this morning trying to get a new profile photo for my Facebook art page.  Good grief!  Every shot had some little minor detail that I did not like.  Finally, I had to crop the top of this photo out so it looked straight.  Maybe the canvas was always crooked!  Needless to say I felt like I wasted so much time but in the end, guess it is okay.  What else would I have done during that time…it’s a Monday here in the studio!  After all of that the photo did not come out clear but I’m sticking with it!

The cow appears bored with it all!

Behold the amazing pomegranate

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You only get one chance to photograph fruit before your husband eats it!!  I’ve wanted to paint some smaller pieces with fruit as the subject.  The pear painting I created a year ago was one of the first to sell in the gallery.   Maybe a pomegranate is in the future!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Sometimes it’s just fun to play with the digital world of photography.  This photo I took yesterday while leaving my daughters home after a fun-filled week.  She lives on the edge of the city among several wheat fields.  The ravens were having a gathering of sorts in this field along the roadside as I turned to head out.  After seeing it in pink it came to me…of course, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I’ve seen a constant splash of pink everywhere, so why not go pink in honor of those strong women either fighting or survivors of breast cancer.  I’ve worked for several years with Casting for Recovery, a retreat for breast cancer survivors.  It is an amazing weekend retreat that brings 14 women together.  They not only bond together in respect to what they have all shared in their fight against breast cancer but also learn to fly fish.  It’s truly an amazing experience for not only the participants but the volunteer staff…it’s so rewarding.  Let’s ban together and fight to strike out breast cancer! copy ravens

Fall Colors

Setting out this afternoon for a drive with my daughter hoping for some brilliant fall colors to photograph.  This one particular photo just stood out, not just for the beautiful colors but I love how the little tree on the right is leaning over as if to say Pick Me, Pick Me!   Autumn is my favorite season.  Here in Montana this fall has given us the blessing of beautiful color.  As we were driving along the curves of this country road we kept saying “wow, that is awesome”, around each corner!  Hope everyone is enjoying a fall to remember…don’t forget to take some photos for later when the snow flies!!



copy brunoOur city presented a Renaissance Festival over the weekend at our Zoo for a fundraiser.  While the festival was wonderful, Bruno seems to have taken center stage!  I snapped this photo while he was enjoying his pool.  He looked so relaxed and peaceful.  Bruno is a rescued grizzly bear, placed in the zoo several years ago.  It’s easy to see why he is a favorite!  I enjoyed adding a quote to the photo.


rainbow copyGood Day Everyone.  This photo, taken from my deck one evening about a month ago.  I wasn’t sure the rainbow would be visible as it was getting darker and darker as the storm developed.  I’ve added a favorite quote.

Thanks for visiting my blog…enjoy your day and find harmony and joy in it!