Getting so close to my #50 page!!

Four more art journal pages from my summer challenge.

The little yellow song bird is my #41 page so I am inching my way to 50!!

The challenge has been extremely rewarding.

Surprisingly, not stressful at all,  who knew!!  I’m guessing the journaling will be an ongoing creative project.  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at the pages!






Tomatoes are in my future!!

DSCN3454I do have the smallest garden on earth but this year I will have tomatoes!  They are just popping out.  Love seeing the beautiful little tomatoes form.  I have one potted tomato plant.  One is plenty as they produce a great harvest…hoping in about a month they’ll be ready!  Yummy freshness!

Summer Art Journal Challenge


DSCN3431 DSCN3433Two additional pages for the summer art journal challenge.  I’ve finished 21 pages thus far and have decided to take a break once I reach 25 pages.  The goal is 50 pages in the journal over the summer.  The challenge has truly been a great way to connect with my art and my heart!  Learning as well as I’ve let down some of those walls of perfectionism and began to embrace art outside the lines!!  Happy Day Everyone!

Art Journal Summer Challenge




A few more pages from the summer art journal challenge…thus far I’ve completed 15 pages!  I love the variety of the pages.  When I’ve completed the art work in the journal it will be used as a place to write quotes and thoughts.  The challenge is to complete 50 pages over the summer.  Summer always seems to fly by and I”m hoping with this challenge I will focus on my art a bit more.  Have a great day everyone and thanks for stopping by my blog.  Comments are always welcome!

Summer Art Journal Challenge

copyartjournal3 DSCN3025 DSCN2979

I’ve started a summer challenge.  50 pages in my art journal over the summer!  I’ve challenged other artists to join me on my Facebook page and thus far I have two other artists sharing their art journal pages.  It’s a great way to create and experiment with some new art techniques.  Thus far I have created eight pages.  A great start to my summer challenge.  Hope your summer is beginning to give you joy, fun and many new adventures!

My first three pages!!

God Bless America…July 4th!

Just sharing my art piece to celebrate the birth of our country.  God Bless America is a mixed-media piece done with acrylics, recycled papers, ink/pencil and oil pastels.  My summer is beginning to arrive and I find my schedule filling up with fun events.  I always look forward to spring and summer here in Montana…we did have an incredibly long, long winter!!  Enjoy your day everyone!  Happy, safe traveling over the summer!


Art Reception Saturday, April 26th!!

Another piece for the Faces of Montana series.  Join me tomorrow at Bailiwick on Grand (1730 Grand Avenue) for my art reception.  I will be there from 11 to 3 p.m.  Stop by and say hello…refreshments and a sweet door prize!

This piece, Willow and Poppy.  It will be for sale as a print along with two other paintings from the series in print!  Hope to see some of you!!


Happy Hippo

copyhippppThis sweet little hippo is a favorite of mine.  I was looking back at some of my art journal sketches, came across the hippo and just had to post.  I’ve been working on my Faces of Montana series.  Completed five paintings for my art reception on April 26th.  It is an exciting time in my art journey.  Just stopping by today to say hello and hope your day is wonderful!

Faces of Montana Series

copysappingtonThis sweet little fellow will warm your heart!  Introducing Sappington, one of my paintings from the new Faces of Montana series.  I have completed four original art pieces thus far for this new series.  Layered with papers, painted again, layered with the sketch of the little donkey, then layered with recycled raffle tickets and finally finished with paints and highlights for the eye, nose, etc.  It truly is a lengthy process but I love it!!  It’s what I do and my passion.  The layering compliments my need for texture in my art.  Sappington will be available in print form.  This is the first time I’ve had prints made of any of my artwork…kind of a huge step for me!

Enjoy your day and thank you for stopping by my blog!!