Artist Statement

Blue Moo


“Creating art gives me the opportunity to express a joyfulness from the heart to share with the world”






My interest in color, texture and recycled materials began as a child watching my grandmother create brilliant quilts with recycled materials.  I witnessed a respect for sustainable, organic life during my families weekly outings to my grandparents ranch in rural Montana.  I fell in love with all the barnyard animals on the ranch.  They are a favorite subject I paint often.  I seek an immediate connection to each subject as I lay down the first layers of my background colors and textures.  I have always painted one piece at a time.  It’s what my heart needs to feel, that flow from beginning to end.  It’s as if I cannot break that bond between myself and this wonderful creativity stirring inside myself.  Drawn to positive rather than negative in life, you will witness this joy in my color, subjects and layers of texture.  It is my way of releasing positive energy to the world for others to realize their stories do matter, their stories can be joyful.

Betina shares her knowledge and techniques teaching workshops locally and as a guest artist.  Her works include the Faces of Montana series which she presented as a solo show in 2013.   August of 2015 she was the featured artist for the Billings Downtown Art Walk at Toucan Gallery.  Honored in 2016 she participated as an artist in the live auction at Art in the Beartooths.

Represented full time at Toucan Gallery in Billings,  exhibiting outside of her home city as well at Carbon County Art Guild/Gallery, Paper Airplane Designs and the Lewistown Art Center.   Continuing to create and establishing herself as a known, recognizable artist is always present in her heart and mind.

Betina is a member of the Billings Arts Association, Carbon County Art Guild and the Lewistown Art Center.

Betina’s art has found homes outside of Montana in Wyoming, Michigan, Texas, Colorado, Oregon, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Connecticut, and England