Summer Art Journal Challenge

copyartjournal3 DSCN3025 DSCN2979

I’ve started a summer challenge.  50 pages in my art journal over the summer!  I’ve challenged other artists to join me on my Facebook page and thus far I have two other artists sharing their art journal pages.  It’s a great way to create and experiment with some new art techniques.  Thus far I have created eight pages.  A great start to my summer challenge.  Hope your summer is beginning to give you joy, fun and many new adventures!

My first three pages!!

2 thoughts on “Summer Art Journal Challenge

  1. Cute journal idea. What size journal page are you using? I’m anxious to watch your progress over the summer. Love, Linda

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  2. Hi Linda, Thank’s going to be a fun summer project! I am using a Canson Mix Media journal with 7 x 10 inch pages. The weight of the paper allows me to use acrylic and watercolor without harming the page, it is 98 lb weight. I’ve used these before and find that they hold up to many different mediums. Have a great summer….we need to get together!! 🙂

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