Spring Blossoms

copy bird 3

This sweet bird appears ready for spring perched on a blossoming branch.  Another painting in the bird series I am creating.  Done on a 6×6 stretched canvas with 2 inch finished sides.  No framing required.  The background has several layers of recycled papers.  I painted the first layer with a lighter blue.  The second is a color I like to call eggplant.  The bird and branch, sketched on lighter canvas paper and adhered to the canvas with gel medium.  Before painting the bird, some serious drying time required!  Usually I have a difficult time waiting to begin painting the subject!  I will use my hair dryer to speed the process.  This piece is outside my normal bright colors but I do like it.  Stretching myself a bit with my creativity, one of my intentions for 2014.

Have a great day, thanks for visiting my blog!

2 thoughts on “Spring Blossoms

  1. Tina: Glad to see you are doing more paintings. Always like to see what your working on. As soon as the weather gets nicer (If that ever happens) we will have to get together and catch up. Love, Linda

  2. Hey Linda, So good to hear from you. I’ve been posting most of my art on my facebook page but finally had time to get back to my blog! Definitely need to get together and I truly am so tired of winter…go away soon!! xoxo Betina

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