Christmas Commission

This piece, a commission I completed and shipped a few weeks ago.  I thoroughly enjoyed creating this unique piece.  A friend’s daughter had visited the gallery that represents my work a few months back and saw a piece she liked, thinking about it for a family member.  She contacted me a month later, giving me some insight about the young women who would receive the painting.  I suggested doing a bit larger canvas and we both are happy with the result.  I was able to include almost all of what this young women enjoys, as she is quite talented in the performing arts.  She played the lead role in Alice in Wonderland and is presently in the production of the musical Gloria.   I Dreamed A Dream is her favorite song and I can only imagine she performs it beautifully!  As an artist it truly feels good to create a painting that is one of a kind for another talented artist with passion in her soul for the performing arts.

copy side dress

copy dress Kirsten

3 thoughts on “Christmas Commission

  1. This is stunning! You capture so many fun avenues of a person’s life……..on a beautiful canvas!! Love it.

  2. Love, love, love this piece. Pretty toadstools on the sides, Minette in the middle, sheet music a marquee and Alice down below. Sarah will absolutely love this. How could she not love something so personalized? Great job.

  3. Thank you both for the compliments on this piece. I so wanted it to fit Sarah and her passion for the arts. I’ve not had a chance to meet her in person but she sounds like a beautiful young women who is quite talented. Hooray for her for following what she loves!!

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