Blue Horse

Blue Horse

This horse means so much to me. I did this sketch after a trip to Santa Fe last year in October. I came across the sketch while rereading my art journal. I love this sketch because it was drawn without a visual aide such as a photo or picture. It’s been difficult for me to visualize an image in my head and simply sketch it…until this blue horse. I painted two horses after Blue was sketched. Both paintings sold. Horses are a beautiful animal that I love. I will continue to create horses, Blue being my first inspirational vision put to paper. I know the color was influenced by the art in Santa Fe…so much color in the art and environment surrounding that beautiful city. I’ll be going back there one day!

2 thoughts on “Blue Horse

  1. Thank you…I need to do more, now that I’ve come across Blue it gives me some creative inspiration! It’s been way to long 🙂

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