Hearts with Wings

IMG_6425This piece changed my thinking on perfection!!  I used several different textures of paper on the background.  When I began to paint the girl the papers absorbed the acrylics and watercolours, creating some imperfections.  I left it overnight and returned to work it over today.  After looking at it I realized I didn’t want to change it but rather felt like embracing imperfection…which is a stretch sometimes for me!  I’m feeling like my inner self is finally beginning to let go of some of the restrictions I place on myself.

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2 thoughts on “Hearts with Wings

  1. Wow Betina! That is awesome that you see your art in so many ways. I think they are all awesome and never see any imperfections. It is amazing the stress we put onto our own little selves! Stopped in Bailiwick today…..love the cupcake! :). See you soon . Diane

  2. Hey Girlfriend…thank you! I’m planning to visit Petal Pushers soon…cannot wait to see you and the beautiful flowers you’ll be offering…spring is “almost” here :c)

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