First of my dress collection!

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I’m starting a series of seven mixed-media paintings. This first painting is on a 14 X 14″ gallery wrapped canvas.  All of the pieces will be about dresses.  I’m trying  some new elements, the wire hanger and rick rack are two I’ve placed in this piece. I’ve also written a poem for this piece titled The Dress. This first painting I wanted to share a brief part of the process with a slide show. I trying to stretch myself and explore a bit.

Thanks for visiting my blog!  Comments are so appreciated 🙂

4 thoughts on “First of my dress collection!

  1. Oh my GOSH Betina: I am in love with the First in the series Dress Collection!!! This is awesome! You are so good, keep it up and have fun!! We need to do coffee some morning and I will pick up my new piece. You will have to let me know if you do a ballet dress…..of course. See you soon. I am free for a vis either Tues. early morning or Thursday morn. If you have time. otherwise we can do it the next week. Hugs, Diane Sent from my iPad

  2. Howdy Girlie…thank you for the wonderful words! I’m working on dress two, so far, enjoying the process! Yes, we need to get together! I’ll e-mail ya Ms. D…hugs, Betina

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