Dessert Time!


I had this background canvas completed for’s been staring at me!  I had covered the bright colors with a dark glaze…it reminded me of chocolate today.  Must have been craving chocolate.  Decided to do a cupcake painting so I added the papers, acrylic paints with some accents and words…”finding two good reasons to do something…chocolate and chocolate”.   Trying to decide if I’d like to keep it for a birthday gift or sell it in the gallery or my etsy shop.

Have a sweet day and eat some chocolate for no reason whatsoever but just to enjoy!!

3 thoughts on “Dessert Time!

  1. Hi Debra, Thank you so much! I do not have a website but do have a facebook page where I post all my work. I usually sell directly from my facebook page. It is under Green Grass Art and is public. My e-mail for purchasing my art is I have not had any luck on Etsy but just set it up a month ago…so hoping. Most of what I post on my blog is for sale as well. Again, thank you for your interest in my art. Take care, Betina

    1. Hi Betina,

      I’ve never had any luck on Etsy so I hope it treats you better. THank you for letting me know where to find you.
      If you have a moment, please take a look at my website, I make handbags from discontinued drapery and upholstery remnants along with a couple other items.

      I wish you well,


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