Day One!

Day One…Seven Day Skirt Challenge…

I always love seeing blogs with photo challenges or photo a day posts.  I admire those that can post a photo a day (my daughter is one of those).  So, the heat is getting to me and decided to wear a skirt today…seems cooler.  Then I was thinking…a seven day skirt challenge.  A challenge as it’s been a bit since I’ve checked my closet to see if there actually are seven skirts in there!!

 One day down, six to go!

I had no idea when I took this picture that my “moo” painting was peeking out!

2 thoughts on “Day One!

  1. Hi Carol,
    Thank you for the likes and presently following me! I’ve been slow at getting my blog going and just starting to place tags on my posts. Tags seem to be the key to getting in touch with others. Your blog is wonderful. The art is fantastic! Cheers!

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