Poster Child

This piece I finished for my daughter in Portland as a thank you gift.  My intention was to give it to her in June but I was so terribly anxious to share it, I couldn’t wait any longer!  It has the thicker sides  finished with an array of papers, messages and acrylic paints.  

 Owls and polka dots are to her liking.  She has a passion for sewing and has made several bags recently.  I tried to incorporate some of her into the painting, wanting to leave the face untouched. 

 She is the artist that created my gray bunny painting at the young age of eight.  It hangs in my art studio.   I painted a little bunny in the lower right corner to honor our love of the little creatures. 

Her loving support continues to keep me motivated in my  art journey.

You may click image to enlarge for details.

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